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Mange Puppies Make A Remarkable Recovery

Thando, Niah and Amari were rescued from a low-income community by the TEARS Mobile Clinic. The three puppies were skeletal and absolutely covered from heads to tiny toes in mange.

When examined by the TEARS Welfare Clinic veterinary team, it was found that the pups were approximately 2 months old and had probably suffered with mange for their entire lives. The puppies were malnourish and their skin was a constant irritation to them.

The three began treatment for mange and enjoyed their regular meals. A few days after arriving at TEARS, Niah fell sick with parvovirus and became incredibly ill. There was a very good chance that all three puppies had been infected. Within a few days, all three pups were indeed very ill and fighting for their lives.

The puppies were moved into foster care for more monitored care while they battled to fight parvo while on IVs. Niah came though it. Then Thando. Sadly, little Amari was just too weak to fight it after being malnourished and compromised by mange. As her chance of survival began to diminish, we made the humane decision to say goodbye to spare her further suffering.

Thando and Niah recovered and returned to TEARS to continue their quarantine period. The pups received a diet of Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Medium Dry Dog Food Chicken Flavour to give them the nutrients and minerals to grow strong and healthy. They were spoiled with lots of baths and nice food. We were all smitten with them.

Thando and Niah are approximately 4 months old now. Niah quickly found a home and her life has truly been transformed! Thando is still looking for a home. He is a total lovebug who adores people and can’t wait to shower you with kisses. He is a Dachshund/Bull breed-type mix and will grow up to be a medium dog.

Your support allows TEARS to continue to give puppies like Thando and Niah another chance at a good life. At only 2 months old, their lives changed forever by coming to TEARS. Donate today.

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