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Happy Birthday, Madiba! Choose to pledge your 67+ minutes to TEARS

Spread the love and choose TEARS Animal Rescue for your charitable contribution this year on Mandela Day. Each year, TEARS is blessed with a flood of volunteer support allowing us to complete projects that we wouldn't be able to without all of the extra hands. Throughout the past two years, we were unable to have a lot of volunteer support due to COVID-19 and the National Lockdown. Unfortunately, we also were not able to hold a Mandela Day event during 2020 and during 2021.

For 2022, our Kennels and Cattery are dreaming big and have put together some projects that we really need some helping hands with.

Explore the Mandela Day Projects, pick a project that is close to your heart and register! We'll send you an email with the supplies you'll need to bring with you. To make things easier, you can order the supplies you'll need for your project from the TEARS Online Shop - they'll be ready and waiting for you at the shelter for your volunteer shift. Section 18A tax deduction certificates are available on request!

We are so excited for you to us this Mandela Day and help us make the TEARS Shelters the best that they can be. A happy shelter makes for happy pets - and helps them get adopted quicker.

Honour Madiba By Volunteering. Register Here!

We look forward to having your join TEARS to celebrate Madiba's Enduring Legacy! Please fill out the form before so we know when you'll be coming.

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Explore Our Mandela Day Projects


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Location: TEARS Kennels or TEARS Cattery

Perfect for: Individuals, couples, small groups and families with kids

Help spruce up the gardens and plant beds at our kennels and cattery. Green thumbs optional! 

Revamp a Kennel Enclosure

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Location: TEARS Kennels

Perfect for: Teams and corporate groups

Transform a dog enclosure and help make rescued tails wag while they wait to be adopted. 


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Location: TEARS Kennels or TEARS Cattery

Perfect for: Individuals, couples, small groups and families with kids

Everything has a new leash on life with a fresh lick of paint! Come prepared to get a little messy. Find out more about this project.

Support Our Charity Shops

project images.011

Location: TEARS Charity Shops

Perfect for: Everyone!

Do a 67 minute Spring Clean and drop unneeded items at a TEARS Charity Shop. Previously loved goods translates into vet care, shelter and so much more for animals in need. 


project images.006

Location: TEARS Kennels or TEARS Cattery

Perfect for: Individuals, couples, small groups and families with kids

Find out more about this project.


General DIY

project images.010

Location: TEARS Kennels or TEARS Cattery

Perfect for: Individuals, couples and small groups

If you're good at DIY, we have a variety of projects for you to tackle while you volunteer. 

Can't join us? Make a Donation to Show Your Support

Donate! The TEARS Online Shop allows you to purchase pet food for donation or sponsor a project:

Do MORE for Animals on Mandela Day

  • Visit the TEARS Online Shop and donate towards a project by sponsoring materials or sponsor the entire project.
  • Building a kennel for a pet in a low-income community is a fun DIY project for the whole family! All you need to change a life and give warmth this winter is a few supplies, handyman tools and a few hours of your time. Click here to find a step-by-step guide to build a dog kennel out of wooden pallets.
  • Start your own online fundraising project to raise funds towards Mandela Day.
  • TEARS will act as a donation hub for the Charity Shops during Mandela Day -- be sure to bring all donations with you when you are here to volunteer.