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Lost & Found

TEARS always attempts to find the guardians of dogs and cats (and even the odd pig) that arrive at our shelter as strays. This is done by working closely with other animal welfare organisations throughout the peninsula, placing posters in the area in which the dog or cat was found, and using social media to spread the word about lost individuals.

Since prevention is always better than cure, guardians can keep their pets safe by:

  • Never allowing them to roam off their property.
  • Regularly checking the perimeter of their property to make sure there is no way pets can get through fences or out of gates.
  • Having a pet microchipped and making sure they have a collar and tag.
  • Ensuring pets are put into boarding or taken care of by a person you trust whenever you have to travel.
  • Never leave pets at home alone with someone checking in on them from time to time.
  • A pet that thinks he or she has been abandoned, may try to go in search of their guardian.
  • Keep dogs inside on days when your gardener comes to work and a gate may be left open.
  • Keep up to date photographs that clearly show your dog’s or cat’s face and body which can be used to make up posters if they do become lost.

Steps to follow if your pet is lost:

  • Immediately inform the neighbourhood watch in your area.
    Use social media to appeal for information about your dog or cat.
    Make up posters of your missing pet to display around your neighbourhood.
    Mention that there is a reward.
    Do not give an amount.

Contact the following sites, publications, and welfare organisations with information about your missing pet:

  • Cape Times – Classified Section
    Weekend Argus – Classified Section
    Login to City – Pet Finders
    False Bay Hoek – Echo
    Classified (021-782 7892/021-782 7294/021-782 7295)
    People’s Post – Classified Section (021-405 1136)
    Cape of Good Hope SPCA – Lost and Found (listen to voice prompts)

All vets in the area in which you reside


  • AACL – 021-534 6426
    ARO – 021-696 7268
    DARG – 021-790 0383
    Adopt a Pet – 021 464 4560