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Josie: Joyful Josie’s Journey

Meet the Gorgeous Miss Josie, a stunning girl who is a complete joy to be around. She’s friendly, playful and happy, and just loves meeting new people – stretching her paw out to say hello and lavishing you with kisses the first chance she gets!

Her life didn’t start out so picturesque. In 2017, She was found wandering the streets, so she hitched a ride to TEARS Animal Rescue, but sadly was never claimed by any owners. She spent a short time at TEARS and was soon adopted into a loving family where she lived up to her aspiring dreams of being a couch potato spending time cuddling and snoring away.

Unfortunately, her owner passed away and she was returned to TEARS Animal Rescue in September 2021. Josie returned to the shelter overweight, depressed and had cherry eyes which made it hard for her to see.

Cherry eye is a disorder of the nictitating membrane, also called the third eyelid, which can present in the eyes of dogs and cats.Josie was weighing a whopping 26.7kg on the 17th September 2021, a good 10kg’s heavier than when she was first adopted back in 2017.

So, the amazing TEARS Kennel Team didn’t waste any time and got Josie started on Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution food straight away! Her special diet along with ample walkies were the key to her return to health.

During Josie’s Journey of weight loss, she became the much loved ‘kitchen dog’ at TEARS, getting the most interaction with all the staff that passed through the kitchen on a daily basis. Josie is an absolute trooper, she kept to her diet, was always excited and ready to go out and about on her walks regularly, Dr Tracy Dicks performed the surgical replacement of the third eyelid gland to correct and treat her cherry eyes and she lost an amazing 7kgs steadily within 3 months.

The TEARS Staff watched her struggle to stand, unable to jump up despite her excitement to her power walking and being able to jump off the ground with all four paws in the air! And with her new figure and upbeat attitude our Joyful Josie did not wait long for her new family that fell in love with her as quickly and easily as all of us at TEARS did.

She is and will always be cherished in the TEARS Dogs of Fame, and we all miss her and wish her extreme happiness, love and all the couch cuddles a girl can ask for. We are ever so proud of Josie and are oh so grateful to Hills Pet Nutrition for transforming her life!