Success Stories

We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

Gremlin Pups Mange Transformation

The Gremlin pups were surrendered from the Redhill Settlement at a few weeks old suffering with a bad case of sarcoptic mange. This highly contagious form of mange causes flaky, infected, irritated skin and quite a bit of hair loss. Despite their obvious discomfort, these sweet pups really had a great outlook.

The healing began immediately. The Gremlins were bathed twice a week with a special medicated shampoo and Sebbaderm by Kyron Laboratories. We applied milking balm to their skin to soothe the itch. The pups had a diet of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Science Plan Chicken Medium Breed Puppy to give their bodies optimum nutrition for healing. To add an extra boost, we put vitamin powder over their food.

After two months of trying to keep them out of the sun without their sunscreen, the pups were hardly recognisable as the mangy munchkins that arrived.

We’re grateful for our donors who made it possible to help Greta, Mogwai and Gizmo. The TEARS Welfare Clinic could not operate without your contribution. During trying times such as these, we need your help more than ever. Join us in our continued fight to give animals a second chance.

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