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Volunteer at TEARS

TEARS Animal Rescue is dedicated to improving the lives of neglected, abused, and unwanted homeless animals in our area of operation.

Being a volunteer at TEARS means being the best part of a homeless animal’s day. Volunteers make a world of difference to the animals in care, to our fundraising and at our charity shops.

Not everyone can give in the same way but the gift of your time is immeasurable. Perhaps you can help us by cuddling kitties in your spare time? Maybe you are a book lover who can contribute at our charity shops? Only have time on the weekends? No problem! We have a need that you can fill.

To join our team of volunteers, fill out the form below or pop us an email at!

We can’t wait to have you join in on the fun we have at TEARS and help brighten the lives of animals!

  • Please let us know what skills you think we could benefit from.