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Help TEARS with a Monthly Debit Order

You can make a difference for TEARS by giving a monthly donation. Help us keep our Welfare Clinic working for the animals. Help keep the two Mobile Clinics on the road. Help keep food in bowls. Help us keep sterilising in low-income areas.


Debit Order Form

Set up a monthly debit order to help keep food in bowls, injections up to date, pets sterilized and hearts warm.
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  • Authorization

  • I/we hereby instruct and authorise the appointed service provider (on behalf of TEARS) to draw against my/our account with the set amount, which is due and payable by me/us in terms of this agreement for the service I/we have selected. This order will remain effective until cancelled by me in writing. I/we may choose to cancel this debit order instruction at any time in writing giving 30 days notice. If cancellation is not implemented before the 15th of the month, the debit order will continue for the next month. I/we understand that there are bank charges associated with this debit order as with all debit orders.