Success Stories

We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

Gentle Giant Gus

Gus, a beautiful boerboel boy, was rescued and brought to TEARS Animal Rescue as a result of a joint operation with 1 Kennel at a Time and the Cape of Good SPCA.

TEARS had met Gus once before his rescue when he was brought to the TEARS Veterinary Hospital seeking treatment for ehrlichia. When he came to us a second time, sick once again with ehrlichia, severely malnourished and underweight, there was no question that Gus would not be returned to his owners who had clearly been neglecting him.

Beyond his veterinary issues, Gus was very timid, especially scared of men. Despite being so scared, Gus was ever gentle. The Kennel Team spent time with Gus to not only gain his trust but to help him feel more comfortable around people. 

His behaviour indicated that he had suffered neglect and we did know that he was living life on chain. With kind words and quality time, Gus learned that people weren’t all that bad. Gus found two new guy friends too in Kennel Manager Luke and Kennel Coordinator Banele. 

Over the weeks, Gus won the hearts of all of the TEARS Staff who would often take their breaks with Gus, sitting on the ground with him, gently stroking him and speaking sweet words. 

Gus’ confidence grew as well as his weight. Eating Hill’s Science Plan, gave Gus the best nutrition that he had ever had. He filled out beautifully and we felt that Gus was ready to find his forever family. 

It was just when Gus was advertised for adoption that Nick decided that he was ready to look for another boerboel to join his family having lost his boerboel of 14-years the year prior. Nick looked dogs available for adoption when he stumbled onto the TEARS website and say Gus listed on the top row – it was fate!

Nick phoned TEARS to enquire about Gus and arrange a meeting. Learning that Gus was still a bit nervous around men just made Nick was drawn to him even more. Nick knew that Gus would find the perfect home with him and was willing to work him through any insecurities that he had.

After meeting him, Nick saw how hesitant he was and was even more determined that he come home with him as he understood the breed. On the second meeting, Gus was again hesitant until Nick pulled out the secret weapon: liver biltong. Gus quickly decided that Nick wasn’t half bad.

Nowadays, Gus has three doggie friends and still thinks that Nick’s liver biltong is wonderful. Gus plays all over the house with his new family. Nick reports that things have gone spectacularly well, and Gus has settled beautifully. Gus enjoys trips to the field and has wonderful recall. He’s made a new best friend of Rachel, who also lives on the property. Gus sleeps most nights at her flat and walks back home in the morning for his morning stretches in the sunshine. 

TEARS wishes Gus and Nick the most beautiful life. What a match made in heaven made from divine intervention and fate.