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Frosty Finds his Forever Home

Frosty spent 974 in a shelter and now he’s got a home! Join us in saying goodbye to our longest stayer!

He has gone through a total transformation from the terrified, skinny, mangy boy that we first met. His journey towards his sweet and playful demeanour now is all thanks to the dedicated work and love of our volunteers.

Rescued from the Zandvlei Wetlands in 2016, Frosty had clearly spent a long time away from people. He had a very bad case of mange, was quite emaciated and was terrified of people.

Because of the pain he experienced from such a severe case of mange that had been untreated for so long, Frosty avoided being touched as much as he could. Even during treatment, the emotional and physical scars he carried from being in so much pain for so long made him recoil if someone tried to touch him. It was a long and slow process to help Frosty overcome his fears and to recover from his trauma.

Even though his time with TEARS Animal Rescue was long, Frosty grew and improved the entire time. He was afraid of touch, he was physically scarred from his mange, he was fearful of other dogs. Now, he is an affectionate, playful boy who can socialise with smaller dogs but can be fearful with bigger dogs. He walks beautifully on the lead, he likes to ride in the car and enjoys his outing.

He’s found himself a nice and quiet home, perfect for him! Frosty will enjoy the laid back lifestyle with his new dad and is already enjoying his soft comforts and new garden.

Frosty, we’ll miss you and we’re so proud of the doggie that you have become! A dog that knows how to enjoy life! Go well, dear Frosty!

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