Success Stories

We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

From Mangy to Marvelous

Paxton was surrendered to the TEARS Mobile Clinic Team during one of our regular Veterinary Outreach Community Clinics that we co-host with AfriPaw in Vrygrond. With only sparse tufts of fur on this back, Paxton was almost completely hairless and his raw and scabby skin was barely clinging to his bony frame.

Once he arrived at TEARS, Paxton was assessed by the TEARS Veterinary Clinic and found to be malnourished, extremely thin, suffering secondary skin infections, kennel cough and ehrlichia (a tick-born blood disease that can become fatal if left untreated).

With expert veterinary care and good nutrition thanks to our partners, Hills Pet Nutrition, Paxton soon started to flourish in the care of the TEARS Kennel Team. We’re thrilled to announce that Paxton has been adopted by his furever family.

Paxton AR