Success Stories

We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

From calamity to cattitude: meet Phoenix

Phoenix was brought to our Clinic with severe burns on his back and on the top of his head. When he was dropped, his rescuers quickly disappeared. The wounds were days old. He was rushed to see Dr. Sebastian Mulange who found that the burns went straight through to his flesh.

Though we had been told that Phoenix had been burned by fire, we could quickly see that his burns were characteristic of injuries caused by boiling water.

Phoenix went through an extensive operation and treatment, collecting over thirty stitches to his outer layer of skin alone. All of this was tolerated with great courage, decorum and friendly head-butting. He spent nearly a month in our Clinic before being moved to the Cattery to finish the last of his healing and to find his new home.

He has now had all of his stitches out and is ready for the joy of a forever home. Phoenix is feisty, funny and fearless. Whether he’s sticking his tongue out at you, insisting on another cheek and ear rub, or nipping your ankles, everything this guy does is done with cattitude and commitment.

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