Success Stories

We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

From bag of bones to the happiest dog on the planet: Meet Kira!

On the 16th of July 2019, TEARS was brought to a halt with the arrival of Kira. The TEARS Mobile Clinic picked her up in Vrygrond and brought her immediately to the TEARS Welfare Clinic for critical veterinary intervention. This poor girl was skin and bone weighing only 14-kg, much less than the 24-kg a healthy dog of her age and size should weigh. 

But the initial shock of her weight was nothing in comparison to what we saw next. The worst pressure sores that we had ever seen. Kira’s hip bones were exposed on both sides due to the open wounds from her severely emaciated condition and being tied up in an area with only a cold, cement surface for her to sit on. 

Not only was she starved and in horrible pain from the open wounds, but she was was sick with ehrlichia, covered with ticks and fleas and her immune system was losing the battle. Kira had a strong chemical smell all over her which we later determined to be Jeyes Fluid. Our best guess is that someone sprayed the fluid over her to get the ticks and fleas off – a further blow to her immune system. 

Kira’s previous owner opted to surrender her to TEARS, as he knew he could not afford or provide sufficient care for her. We immediately began treatment for the ehrlichia and the open wounds. Her diet was monitored by veterinary staff to assure a safe return to health. She put on about 2-kg of weight per week. We exercised her slowly and did physio with her to keep her ligaments supple and used to movement again after being tied for a very long time. 

The open wounds on her hips were so badly infected. The were cleaned out  and re-bandaged every day. After a month the infection was contained and the Welfare Clinic was able to to stitch the wounds closed.   

Shy and nervous in the beginning, Kira almost immediately turned into a lovebug. Our staff and volunteers would spend lots of time with her. We converted our Consultation Office into Kira’s Pad and filled it with blankets and soft beds so that she wouldn’t feel a hard floor. Either way, she spent most of her recovery in someone’s lap snoozing away and soaking up the love that she’d been missing. 

After two months at TEARS, Kira weighed about 21-kg and was ready to be adopted. Kira’s new family came to TEARS to look for a pal for their doggy Denzil. After meeting a few other doggies, Denzil just loved spending time with Kira and so the adoption was complete and Kira finally had a family. Kira is so happy in her new home and we are blown away by the transformation. 

Help us reach more dogs like Kira. Without TEARS, Kira’s life would have been suffering to the bitter end. Donations fuel our work. Honour Mandela this Mandela Day with a R67 monthly debit order to TEARS.