‘Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow’

This morning TEARS Animal Rescue’s Operations Manager; Mandy Store received a phone call from a lady who had just rescued a penguin from dogs in the Masiphumelele township.

Mandy headed straight over to Masi to go and collect the penguin who had been attacked by the woman’s two dogs. She picked the Penguin up to get him from the dogs in a state of shock, not knowing how a Penguin had gotten into her yard.

The penguin was then taken to Fourways Veterinary clinic, where Dr Patti Foster checked him out, and named him Petey.
TEARS then collected Petey from Fourways vet and rushed him to SANCCOB, where Petey was further checked out and assessed.

Petey had superficial wounds on his legs from the dog attacks and he was slightly under weight but nothing too concerning, and the Clinical Veterinarian at SANCCOB has determined that Petey has be away from his colony for 2 or so days, and he was not emaciated, generally healthy considering.

Both TEARS Animal Rescue and SANCCOB condemn the action of removing this wild animal from it colony.
It is extremely worrying that a penguin has been recovered in Masi, and an investigation is needed.

TEARS Animal Rescue did also check out the two dogs that had been in the scuffle with Petey, and they are both fine.

Petey will remain at SANCCOB for about a month, TEARS Animal Rescue will stay in touch and keep up to date on Petey.
He is currently in the intensive care unit and will move over to their Rehabilition Centre as soon as they are happy with his progress.

TEARS Animal Rescue assists and rescues all kinds of animals and we are ever so grateful to all of our supporters because not only are your funds there for cats and dogs, but also allows us to help in unusual cases like Petey’s.

Please donate towards Petey’s rehabilitation with reference AP208: