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Uplifting the lives of Feral Cats

Sterilisation is key to alleviating suffering

You can help them

Far from leading idyllic, free-ranging lives, feral cats are far too often the victims of illness, accident or injury, and starvation. Without intervention, most feral cats lead short and miserable lives.

A female, as young as six-months, can have three litters a year, which increases the colony and extenuates a cycle of continual reproduction and ultimately suffering. These young females experience high levels of stress while nursing, and without human intervention as many as half of the litter won’t survive.

Sponsor A Feral Cat Spay

Only R350 will sponsor a feral cat spay and keep hundreds of kittens from
living in poor conditions.



Join us in reducing feral cat populations to enhance the lives of feral cat colonies.

Feral cats are trapped and brought to the TEARS hospital to be sterilised, vaccinated for rabies, and treated for parasites (worms, fleas and ticks). They are then, as quickly as possible, returned to the colony they came from, or if they need can’t go back, we integrate them into an existing colony in a stable environment.

TEARS volunteers and staff work late at night to trap feral cats. Once returned to their colony they are provided with food.

Approximately 250 cats are sterilised a month at TEARS from feral colonies across Cape Town.

TEARS feeds about 500 feral cats across Cape Town.


Feral cats supported


Sterilizations per year


Vaccines per year

Sterilisation is key to reducing overpopulation and uplifting the lives of feral cats.  

Partner with Us to Help Feral Cats

Help keep populations at bay

Feral Cat Successes

Join us in managing colonies and alleviating suffering

Feral Cats: Trap-Neuter-Release

For the last 10 years, TEARS Animal Rescue has supported the feral cats in the Western Cape with a clinic that sterilises on the basis of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return).   Stray or feral cats are humanely trapped and taken to the TEARS Clinic to be sterilised and vaccinated against Rabies.  After recovery, they are then released back to…

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The Relationship Between Feral Cats and Horses

Recently, the TEARS Feral Cat Project relocated 13 feral cats from the Cape Nature Reserve near Witsands to a horse stable in the Noordhoek area.  We are blessed to have avid Horse-Cat rescuer Erin Le Roux from Whispering Woods who has always allowed us to bring unadoptable ferals to live the rest of lives in the horse…

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Life of Ferals

Letting go is important when fostering kittens or puppies – it’s so easy to get attached very quickly. I am proud to have, for years, been part of a very special group of volunteers who work on the TEARS Feral Cat Project that manages to trap, sterilise, feed and treat so many thousands of feral…

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