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TEARS is facing a crisis. Surrenders are at an all time high. Pet food insecurity is the leading cause of surrender. With a full shelter, TEARS helps to feed pets to keep them in their homes. Donate a bag of pet food today to help Feed Hungry Pets.

The impact of the COVID-19 Lockdown on low-income communities means that many are not able to provide for their pets as they once were. People and families living on or near the breadline are struggling to come up with the funds to simply feed their pets let alone themselves. Pet food insecurity is now the leading cause of surrender to TEARS placing a heavy increase on the welfare system.

Let's join together to keep food in the stomachs of pets who have no other options. We are grateful to Hill's Pet Nutrition for providing the pet food for the shelter pets but the community pets are still in need.

Purchase a bag of food via the TEARS Online Shop or making a cash donation for the Feed Hungry Pets Campaign so that we can gather funds to purchase the much needed pet food for the community pets in order to prevent surrenders and owners dumping their animals.

Make a donation that goes straight to work

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What else can I do to help?

  • Make a general donation to the Feed Hungry Pets campaign - your gift will be used for what's needed most.
  • Hold a pet food drive or pick up some pet food at a local shop to donate! You can drop them off at TEARS Animal Rescue in Sunnydale or the TEARS Charity Centre in Retreat.
  • Start your own online fundraising project to raise funds to Feed Hungry Pets
  • Not in Cape Town? Please make a donation to help pets in need.