Exciting New Home for TEARS Charity Shop

The TEARS Charity Shop in Fish Hoek  has moved to larger premises after outgrowing its previous home. The newly decorated and creatively fitted shop officially opened its doors on Saturday, 1 August.

Situated just five doors away from its previous location in Recreation Road, Fish Hoek, the move will allow the Charity Shop to stock a wider variety of donated clothing, shoes, handbags, bric-a-brac, jewellery, furniture and other household items, providing a vital funding stream for TEARS during a challenging economic environment. 

Four TEARS Charity Shops generate almost 50% of the monthly income needed to operate and provide the veterinary and healthcare needs that TEARS provides to local low-income communities in the Southern Peninsula. Previously loved and nearly-new items can be resold and the value rechanneled into rescue and rehabilitation, pet food, veterinary care, shelter, sterilisations, community outreach and much more.

Bianca du Plessis, owner of design studio Kush Café, jumped at the opportunity to provide her much needed makeover talents to the new space pro bono. Her vision was to create a fun and enticing store, while keeping costs low and working within a minimal budget. 

“We believe in sustainability and like pushing the boundaries of design so this feel-good project was exactly up my alley! Having five rescue pets of our own, my husband and I adore them and all their funny little habits. Their playfulness and excitement provided the inspiration behind this make-over Project. I wanted to create an inviting cartoon world, based on how dogs and cats potentially perceive the world outside,” explains du Plessis.

Every bit of material from the old store was refurbished and reused. “Secondhand isnt broken and when you invest time, care and effort, used items can often be repurposed into something better than the original,” says du Plessis. “TEARS Animal Rescue does so much for vulnerable animals, I know the hard work behind the before and after photos. While I’m not in a position to contribute financially, I knew I could make a difference by offering my skills.”

TEARS Charity Shops provide a constantly changing wide selection of lifestyle and household items for resale, at a fraction of the cost to buy them new. 

“Remember the expression one mans junk is another mans treasure? You may discover designer products, genuine vintage items and unique gifts at a bargain price,” explains TEARS Retail Manager, Tinka Shapiro. “Charity shopping has a great impact on the environment too and is a form of upcycling and recycling that not only keeps perfectly good-as-new goods out of landfills, but creates new value simply by selling it forward.”

Supporting TEARS Charity Shops is a powerful way to support the work that TEARS is doing while purchasing something that adds value to the purchaser. All profits generated from the Charity Shop revenue is redirected into keeping TEARS’ doors open and increasing its ability to impact the communities and animals its’ mandated to serve.

By shopping at a TEARS Charity Shop Capetonians are creating benefits in three distinct ways. Here’s how:

1. You save money

One of the main reasons that the TEARS Charity Shops are so popular is that they offer great value for money. You can buy clothing, decor, gadgets and other household items at a bargain price that goes to a good cause.

2. Sustainable fashion and thrift shopping reduces waste

Ethical consumerism is fast becoming the new-norm as shoppers question fast-fashion’s throwaway culture and unsustainable industry practices. Thrift shopping is environmentally friendly, a great way to recycle and reduces wastage. A new pair of jeans takes approximately 10 000 litres of water to produce. The production process of making one pair of jeans also generates greenhouse gases equivalent to driving over 130 kilometres. Similar numbers apply to tee-shirts, skirts and most other articles of clothing. Making new clothes and garments is energy and water intensive. Through thrifting, you reduce your carbon footprint and minimise the impact on the planet.

3. Your money helps others when you shop with your heart 

Shopping at TEARS Charity Shops means you’re investing in creating a kinder world for companion animals in need.

Please support TEARS by donating and shopping with a purpose! TEARS Charity Shops rely on the donation of pre-loved items in good, working order. The public can drop off donations or browse for bargains at one of the following TEARS’ Charity Shops. 

Visit www.tears.org.za/charity-shops/ for more information and to find a TEARS Charity Shop near you!