Pimp My Shelter

We have another Pimp My Shelter event coming up.

If you have some great Landscaping and DIY skills and would like to contribute to our shelters and our rescue furs with those awesome skills? You can make a great contribution by volunteering at TEARS Pimp My Shelter on 18th September 2021 from 10 AM to 2PM.

During Pimp My Shelter days, volunteers assist us around the Kennels and Cattery with general improvement and beautification projects that our staff struggle to attend to regularly.

A beautiful shelter helps lessen anxiety resulting in calmer pets that are more likely to get adopted quicker.

This brings interaction and results in mental stimulation with so much joy to all. Everyone likes a feel-good activity, so please join us.

Register here: www.tears.org.za/pimp-my-shelter

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