TEARS Doggie Date

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by spreading love with a furry friend at the TEARS Doggie Date event! For just R100, you can take one of our lovable pups on a memorable adventure on Saturday, 17 February. 

Whether it’s a cozy coffee date, a stroll along the beach, a hike through nature or a fun day at the park, your donation guarantees a day filled with smiles and sloppy kisses! No worries about being stood up. Your blind date is sure to be waiting eagerly with leash in tow, wagging their tail with excitement to meet you!

Doggie Date isn’t just about having fun; it’s about giving our shelter dogs the chance to experience life outside the kennels and, who knows, maybe even find their forever home! Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know the TEARS dogs and hear their incredible stories.

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL! Don’t miss out on this heartwarming experience — secure your blind date by purchasing your Doggie Date ticket on the TEARS Online Shop. 

Let’s make this Valentine’s Day a day to remember — for you and a furry friend in need ❤️🐾



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