Escaping Tragedy and Overcoming a Harrowing Ordeal


Remi has shed her bandages, and is ready for love.

Meet Remi, a courageous survivor with a heart full of love! Remi escaped a harrowing ordeal that sadly claimed her furry companion. Rescued from the tragic aftermath of a shack fire, she emerged with singed fur and severe burns. Remi was surrendered to TEARS for medical care and rehoming.

Remi's recovery was nothing short of miraculous. From intensive care for third-degree burns to the day she shed her bandages, her strength shone through. The scar on her back tells a tale of survival and triumph.

Remi is more than a survivor; she's a sweetheart seeking love. A cuddle champion and lapdog extraordinaire, she thrives on attention. True to her Terrier heritage, she's courageous, feisty and confident - a petite bundle of fun and sass! While she enjoys the company of other dogs, Remi likes to be the queen bee. Quick and nimble, she's a Houdini at finding her way around, but all she truly wants is to find and be with you. 

Remi's only desire is to be by your side - following you during the day and snuggling on your lap at night. Can you offer this brave soul the forever home she deserves?

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