Entrance, Recycling & Refuse Area Upgrade

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Location: TEARS Kennels

Perfect for: Teams and corporate groups

Upgrade our entrance, recycling and refuse area by installing a covered roof and a living pallet wall.

Supplies Needed

  • X4 Gum poles - 123-150mm, 2.7m long
  • X10 Gum poles - 125-150mm, 2.1m long
  • X3 Planed pine post - 69x69mm, 3m long
  • X2 Planed pine post - 69x69mm, 2m long
  • X2 Cement bags - 50kg
  • X32 Wood Screws - 100mm
  • X2 Wooden gates - 1.8m high, 0.9m wide
  • X2 Wooden gates - 1.8m high, 1.8m wide
  • X10 Tee hinges - 250mm
  • X4 Gate latches


You can either bring along the supplies needed to complete this project, or you can order the supplies from the TEARS Online Shop - they'll be ready and waiting for you at the shelter for your volunteer shift.

Section 18A tax deduction certificates are available on request!

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Tools Needed

Available tools will be limited on Mandela Day, so it's advisable to bring your own if you can:

  • Hammer
  • Ladder
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Hand saw
  • Spade