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  • and rescues animals in distress from all over Cape Town’s South Peninsula and gives them a second chance.


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Sherbet: The Will to Live

Little Sherbet was rescued on the 27th October 2021. Sherbet was lying in the dirt very listless and lethargic. TEARS was contacted and when we saw the pictures, the TEARS Mobile Clinic was dispatched with Animal Welfare Assistant Xolele Qhoki responding to fetch Sherbet. Once at the TEARS Veterinary Hospital, Sherbet was assessed by the…

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Johnny and June: A Love Story

It was mid-June when a community member contact the TEARS Facebook Page with a shocking image of two desperately thin dogs. Despite the poor quality of the image that was sent to us, we could see that the two dogs were suffering serious neglect. The lady who messaged informed us that her landlady’s dogs looked…

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Tallulah’s Life Begins Again

Tallulah arrived at the TEARS Veterinary Hospital in an absolutely shocking and disturbing state. Covered in stinking, faeces-filled dreadlocks that hid festering wounds with maggots and a thin, skeletal dog. The TEARS Veterinary Team attended to her immediately. More than 2-kgs of dreadlocks were removed. Her wounds were cleaned and the maggots removed. She was…

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Thelma’s Life is Transformed

Thelma and her friend Louise were rescued in late January from Hangberg Township in Hout Bat by Network For Animals and Shaygam Shelter. Once in the care of rescuers, she was immediately transported to the TEARS Veterinary Hospital for emergency veterinary intervention. Once examined by the TEARS Veterinary Team, it was found that Thelma had…

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Our Skye’s the Limit!

Beautiful Skye is a man for all seasons. At the Cattery, he was resident in our feral cat section. To begin with, he seemed to fit the description of ‘feral’ as he kept to himself and shied away from people. Rob came to TEARS Animal Rescue in 2020 with the intention of adopting Skye. He…

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Mange Puppies Make A Remarkable Recovery

Thando, Niah and Amari were rescued from a low-income community by the TEARS Mobile Clinic. The three puppies were skeletal and absolutely covered from heads to tiny toes in mange. When examined by the TEARS Welfare Clinic veterinary team, it was found that the pups were approximately 2 months old and had probably suffered with…

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Ted is Totally Transformed

On Christmas Day, the TEARS Emergency phone received a call from a woman who was looking at a dog running thought the streets in the worst condition she had ever seen. She was in a low-income community and was watching a matted, terrified little dog scurry around in a desperate search for food. The lady…

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Kingsley Is Now Living a Kingly Life

I’m Kinglsey. I was taken away from my Mom and siblings at only 4 weeks old. I can only remember how distressing that felt not to have their warmth, cuddles and love. In my new home, after a day of getting cow’s milk and porridge, I was starting to feel sick and Aunty Ingrid from…

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Gandalf: Home at Last

My name is Gandalf. When I was only 5 months old, I ventured into a cat trap and was taken away from life on the streets. I arrived at a place where I could hear and smell lots of other cats. I was in a cage and there was food, water and a litter tray…

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Hazel: Beauty Burned with Boiling Water

It was a cold dark night and I was looking for some food.  There were lights on in the houses, but I knew that the people didn’t want me there.  But I was hungry.  It had been three full days since I’d had anything to eat and that had been a meagre meal of a…

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