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  • and rescues animals in distress from all over Cape Town’s South Peninsula and gives them a second chance.


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Miracles happen because of people like you

From bag of bones to the happiest dog on the planet: Meet Kira!

On the 16th of July 2019, TEARS was brought to a halt with the arrival of Kira. The TEARS Mobile Clinic picked her up in Vrygrond and brought her immediately to the TEARS Welfare Clinic for critical veterinary intervention. This poor girl was skin and bone weighing only 14-kg, much less than the 24-kg a…

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Phoebe’s Total Transformation

Little Phoebe was surrendered to TEARS Animal Rescue from Overcome Heights in Vrygrond. The owners didn’t want her anymore because she was losing all of her hair. This poor, frightened girl lost her home at only 6-weeks old. Phoebe must have been scared and quite uncomfortable with her skin’s condition. Quickly, she melted our hearts.…

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Yuki Comes Alive After A Severe Tick Infestation

We met Yuki when she arrived with the Mobile Clinic after a trip to Vrygrond. She and her mother were brought into the Clinic so that mom could be spayed. Yuki was the only surviving puppy from her litter and they didn’t want her back. When we laid eyes on her we were horrified.  This…

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Scooter: from Street Thug to Lovebug

I’m Scooter and this is the story of my journey from street thug to lovebug.  I was born into a world of motorbike engines and lots of junk. It was a big yard, but full of all sorts of scrap metal, tyres, oil and noise. It was quite an adventure to begin with. As kittens,…

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Gremlin Pups Mange Transformation

The Gremlin pups were surrendered from the Redhill Settlement at a few weeks old suffering with a bad case of sarcoptic mange. This highly contagious form of mange causes flaky, infected, irritated skin and quite a bit of hair loss. Despite their obvious discomfort, these sweet pups really had a great outlook. The healing began…

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From Rags to Richmond

It’s never too late for second chances, and no one knows that more than Richmond. He was first seen wandering the streets on New Year’s Day: frightened, severely underweight and running off whenever anyone tried to approach him. He remained elusive and it took two days to convince Richmond to hitch a ride to TEARS…

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Blake’s Journey of Transformation

Blake, a handsome, 8 year old Great Dane, Boerboel mix was surrendered to TEARS Animal Rescue from a nearby low-income community. His owner was moving to a flat and could no longer keep him. When he arrived at TEARS Animal Rescue, we were absolutely shocked to see a dog so thin emerge from the back…

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Jaco: A Dog Caught in the Crossfire

Today is Change a Pet’s Life Day and we wanted to share the story of Jaco, the first pet’s life we changed at the TEARS Welfare Clinic this year. On the evening of New Year’s Day, TEARS received a call from the Ocean View Police Station asking us to assist. There was a dog that…

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Suede: from Mangy Mongrel to Dashing Doggo

Suede was brought to the TEARS Welfare Clinic after being found and rescued in Ocean View by 1 Kennel At A Time. A concerned community member alerted them to a very skinny dog being hidden away in the backyard. What they found was a shock. A severely mangy, undernourish and tick-infested girl was rushed into…

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From calamity to cattitude: meet Phoenix

Phoenix was brought to our Clinic with severe burns on his back and on the top of his head. When he was dropped, his rescuers quickly disappeared. The wounds were days old. He was rushed to see Dr. Sebastian Mulange who found that the burns went straight through to his flesh. Though we had been…

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