Fostering Saves Lives

TEARS is looking for dedicated foster families to help give needy little souls a second chance. Fostering puppies usually lasts 2 - 6 weeks, and you’ll be giving a rescued puppy the best start at a new life during their stay with you. Hill’s Pet Nutrition feeds all our rescued pets - including our foster puppies - and TEARS covers all veterinary costs at the TEARS Vet Clinic. 

In most circumstances, your foster pup will become available for adoption after spending two weeks in “quarantine” with you.  After two weeks with you, your foster pup will be ready for adoption and TEARS will handle home checks and set up appointments with potential adopters who we think are a good match.

As rewarding as it is, fostering puppies take up a lot of time! They need lots of supervision, so we are looking for new fosters who have the time to dedicate to raising a puppy. Fosters need to be able to bring their furry stooges to the TEARS Vet Clinic for scheduled vet appointments (up to 2 - 3 a month) or emergencies and be available to attended adoption events to help find their puppy a home. 

Fostering saves lives. To apply to join the life-saving TEARS Puppy Foster Network, please submit a form below.


Thank you for opening your heart and home by offering to foster for TEARS Animal Rescue. If you are based in Cape Town, we'd love to hear from you and have you part of our lifesaving foster network! Please note that completion of this questionnaire does not guarantee fostering of a TEARS dog/puppy.

  • AgeSpecies and breedGenderHow long have you had him/her?Sterilised? Yes/NoHow does this pet interact with new dogs/puppies? 
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