Django is Unchained from a Horrible Act of Cruelty

The TEARS Welfare Clinic was alerted to Django’s predicament when a little boy went to his neighbour to ask why his best friend, his guard dog Blackie, was bleeding. The boy’s neighbour called TEARS to let us know that there was an injured dog that needed help urgently.

The Mobile Clinic arrived in Vrygond at the little boy’s house to find that Blackie’s neck skin had been deeply pierced with a carabiner clip that was holding his chain to his body. Blackie’s neck was bleeding and the smell was horrific. The Mobile Clinic staff uplifted the entire chain that was pulling his neck and rushed the dog back to be seen by the vet.

At the Welfare Clinic, Blackie was seen immediately. Dr Tracy Dicks performed an emergency procedure to remove the carabiner. He was left with a gaping hole in his neck. Dr Dicks estimated that Blackie had suffered with the carabiner in his neck for at least half a year.

With a new outlook on life, Blackie was renamed Django: The Unchained. The Mobile Clinic staff and Operational Manager, Mandy Store, returned to the home of the little boy to educate them about how to properly chain a dog. They found the owners had already replaced Django with another dog on a running chain.

Short chaining a dog deprives the animal of its natural right to freedom of movement and causes mental and physical strain. If it is absolutely necessary to restrain your dog for a valid reason, the only acceptable method is a running chain. A properly set-up running chain allows the dog regular exercise, access to food, water and shelter.

Please refer to the Cape Animal Welfare Forum guide to humane running chaining. Click here.

Django is 6-year old male collie cross. He’s a fun-loving, happy-all-the-time, glass-is-half-full kind of dog looking for someone who loves to laugh and play around. You must have a great sense of humour and some time to spend with this goofball. He’s a dog on a mission to please you.

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