Animal Rescue Winter Warmer

Help TEARS raise R200 000 to purchase polar fleece blankets and other winter necessities in order to keep their dogs and cats warm this winter.

TEARS Animal Rescue Winter Warmer 

It’s that time of the year again when there’s a definite bite in the air letting us know Winter is coming. The chilly drop in overnight temperatures has TEARS Animal Rescue on a mission to collect blankets and other items to keep their animals warm.

TEARS Animal Rescue needs to raise R200 000 to buy polar fleece blankets as well as other winter essentials in order to keep our dogs and cats warm all winter long.

Please help us make a difference this winter by helping us reach our goal.

We are working to raise funds to purchase polar fleece blankets and other crucial winter essentials such as Econo heaters, flooring, stable doors and hot water bottles.

We house over 100 dogs in our kennels and over 150 cats in our cattery, which translates into a minimum of 500 blankets ~ excluding blankets needed to insulate animals rescued by our mobile clinic or admitted to our clinic. So we need a lot of blankets to keep them warm this winter.

TEARS’s Winter Warmer initiative is a great way for individuals, companies and schools to get involved and support a good cause that promises to warm more than just hearts this winter!


We need your help to raise enough funds to keep our
cats and dogs warm this winter.