Burnt Beauties: Hero and Hope

On the 13th of February, during a routine Mobile Clinic visit to Vrygrond, a man brought two young kittens to us that were singed and weak. There had been a small shack fire in Overcome Heights. The small kittens had been inside a shack when the fire broke out but had managed to escape.

The owner of the kittens brought the weak and tiny kittens to the Mobile Clinic and they were brought to TEARS to be accessed. Both kittens had partial thickness burns, scorched pads and singed fur. They were thin, small, severely dehydrated and had a poor prognosis.

Sadly, both kittens had severe smoke inhalation which had perforated their lungs. These kittens needed names that would give them strength during their recovery so the little boy was named Hero and the little girl was named Hope.

Hope has a scar on her nose from the burn wound. The Welfare Clinic also discovered that she had suffered a fractured leg at some point before the fire. The fracture had never received veterinary care but had already began fusing. Surprisingly, it has healed well.

Hero and Hope went home with TEARS veterinarian Dr Dicks to be fostered as they still had a long and difficult journey ahead of them. The kittens had to have subcutaneous fluid therapy, pain killers, antibiotics. Dr Dicks didn’t think they would survive, but the little miracles managed to pull through!

Hero and Hope are now available for adoption. They would love to be adopted together, and deserve a loving family. Hero is a little shy at first, but once he warms up to you his is such a little lovebug and climbs up your leg for attention. Hope is more outgoing and playful.

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