Bramble’s Heroic Rescue From a Prickly Thicket

Nearly two-weeks ago, TEARS Animal Rescue had a call for a dog in trouble in Marina Da Gama. The dog was limping badly and had a heavy chain around her neck. She was running scared through the neighbourhood and many residents had tried to help secure her but couldn’t get to her.

While we were on our way, the poor dog wedged herself into an impenetrable thicket of cacti and thorn bushes in the corner of a boundary wall. We simply could not reach her.

We called on the Lakeside Fire Department to render assistance so that we could catch this distressed and frightened girl and get her to TEARS. Within 15-minutes, a fire engine arrived with six strong firefighters ready to force their way through the thicket to get to our girl.

The firefighters carefully lifted the girl out and for the first time we were able to get a good look at her. Our deepest gratitude to the amazing, caring and compassionate firefighters of the Lakeside Fire Department. Without you, we could not have reached this girl!

This beautiful black dog was covered in very fine, hair-like spines from the thicket. Though we couldn’t see the prickles, we could feel them when we touched her. She was aptly named Bramble.

Upon reaching TEARS, Bramble was examined by the Welfare Clinic. Our best guess is that she came from Vrygrond. We discovered that she had suffered a deep wound in her left foreleg shoulder joint. It was bleeding quite badly and was very swollen.

We treated her leg and have been watching her injury to see if we would be able to save the leg. The wound was found to be quite infected and inflamed. There was extensive muscle damage which the Clinic has reconstructed. After clearing up the inflammation and infection, Bramble’s leg is on the mend.

Bramble hasn’t had much time with us. She has improved on her trust of people. She is at our Kennels under the care of the Welfare Clinic but her time is nearing that she will be looking for a long-term foster or to be adopted.

The National Lockdown has had a devastating impact on animals in low-income communities. TEARS Animal Rescue remains on the frontline for animals in need. Help us reach more animals like Bramble by giving a gift to the Emergency Animal Relief Fund today.