Success Stories

We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

Boy George: Our Special Boy George

Boy George is a character at TEARS. Since his rescue in October 2021, he’s bowled us all over with his friendlynature and ability to take life’s ups and downs in his stride.

He had been mauled

This cuddly teddy bear of a dog has come a long way since his rescue way back then, wherehe was discovered in Vrygrond township – lucky to have survived a traumatic episode ofrepeated attacks by the resident dogs.

He arrived in a shocking state, having been mauled and left with a terrible injury to the left side of his jaw and ear, which had gone untreated for far too long. As a result of the attack, his ears had also become badly infected, and they still require deep cleaning on a dailybasis to get him back on track.
He’s getting there!

The first thing that the TEARS team did when he got to us was to give him a head-to-tail full examination at the TEARS Veterinary Hospital, where the extent of his injuries soon becameapparent. His wounds were thoroughly cleaned and dressed, and an immediate course of antibiotics was started to help combat the infections and treat the huge abscess that had formed in his jaw area.

During the initial period at the TEARS Clinic, Boy George was having his wound closely monitored with regular bandage changes, cleaning, and a healthy diet of vet prescription food, to make sure his immune system functioned at the best possible level in order to get back to full health.
Luckily for Boy George, he loves the taste of his special food!

Perfect gentleman seeks perfect home
Cuddly Boy George is now fully recovered and healed and longs to share his big heart with a loving family who’ll reassure him that no one will ever break his heart again. He’s let bygones be bygones and bounced back with zest, taking it all in his stride, and is a sociable, easy-goingand loveable lad.

His daily highlight is going for a gentle stroll down the road, where he stops to smell the flowers and everything else along the way, at his own pace. He’s curious, very smart, with a wonderfully forgiving nature and is always happy to see friends, both two- and four-legged.

Born in 2015, he still has a lot of spunk for his age! He loves to hang out in the great outdoors, go for an amble through the fields or on the beach, and is a perfect gentleman.

Boy George didn’t have to wait long for a home. He quickly caught the eye of a local family who excitedly welcomed him into their home.

Says TEARS Marketing Manager Wendy Scheepers, “While we’re sad to see him go and will miss his squishy, smiley face, all of us at TEARS couldn’t be happier that Boy George has found his forever family.”

Sarah Buitendag, Boy George’s new owner, shares…

My husband, Kingsley, and I first saw Boy George’s sweet, smiling face on TEARS’ Facebook page back in December 2021 and both felt such a pull to him and his story.

We’d just moved into a new home so weren’t sure we were ready to adopt a new family member just yet. However, try as we might, we just couldn’t get him out of our minds. We eventually decided to meet him and, once we saw his lovely, gentle nature, we just knew hewas meant to come and live with us.

We now just call him George, and we’re absolutely overwhelmed with how much joy he’s bringing to our lives. From morning zoomie games to evening cuddles, George is always the gentlest, sweetest, most mellow boy. He loves nothing more than meeting new doggy friends and has had a ball playing with his cousin, Mabel, when she comes to visit. Every time we see him curl up on his bed or blankie, or frolic in the garden, we feel more and more love for our special boy.

We can’t believe how quickly and easily he’s become part of the family, almost asthough he always was. A huge thank you to TEARS for rescuing him and connecting us with him – you’ve changed his life, and ours, forever.