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Atlas Get’s His Second Chance at TEARS Animal Rescue

TEARS Animal Rescue has reported a 70% increase in rescues compared to this period last year, as pet owners living in under-resourced communities struggle to feed and care for their pets.

While TEARS provides vital pet food support to responsible pet owners as a means of mitigating the risk of community pets succumbing to malnutrition or starvation, the TEARS Mobile Clinic team recently rescued a starving, chained Belgian Malinois-Boerboel mix from the brink of death in a low-income community in the Southern Peninsula.

Atlas weighed a mere 16kgs when he was brought to TEARS ~ the average healthy weight for an adult male Belgian Malinois-Boerboel mix is between 25 – 40 kgs. Upon examination he was also diagnosed with ehrlichiosis, a life-threatening tick-borne disease, which required a treatment of antibiotics. And yet despite his emaciated state and the painful chain-related wounds he suffered, he has defied all odds and emerged as a beacon of resilience and hope. 

Under the dedicated care of the TEARS veterinary team, together with a diet of Hill’s Prescription Diet Gastrointestinal Biome Dog Food to nourish his gut microbiome (and help manage complex gastrointestinal issues from a life of neglect), Atlas has undergone an incredible transformation.His weight has doubled (he currently weighs a healthy 30kg) and he’s emerged as a gentle, loving, and energetic dog, eager to discover the joys of a loving home.

Says TEARS Operations Manager, Mandy Store,  “When Atlas arrived at TEARS his condition was critical. Our veterinary team immediately began his treatment, addressing his malnourishment, healing his infected pressure wounds and combating the ehrlichiosis. As he had been starved over a long period of time we fed him multiple small meals throughout the day. It was a challenging road for Atlas, but he has demonstrated unwavering courage and an inspiring will to live.”

TEARS Kennel Manager, Luke Kruyt, believes that Atlas has overcome the greatest odds due to a combination of excellent veterinary care, TLC from the TEARS Kennel team, nourishment from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and his own fighting spirit. “Atlas’s journey embodies the essence of our mission at TEARS. We believe that every animal deserves a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life. Despite his traumatic past, he exudes a joy for life that is infectious. From day one, he embraced every new experience with boundless enthusiasm, and it’s been an honour for us to witness his recovery,” comments Kruyt. 

In conjunction with Atlas’s success story and as part of the organisation’s ongoing commitment  to support vulnerable pets, TEARS has launched its annual Feed Hungry Pets Campaign. The campaign aims to provide pet food support to community pets in need as impoverished pet owners struggle to feed their pets. R200 will feed one community pet a meal a day for a month. To contribute and make a difference in the lives of these animals, please visit to donate.

TEARS is looking for someone special to join Atlas on his next chapter in life. If you possess an adventurous spirit and a loving heart, consider welcoming Atlas into your home and being part of his ongoing tale of triumph. Together, you can create a lifetime of cherished memories and provide a rescue pet like Atlas the love and security he deserves. Please visit for adoption queries.

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