Ashton Gives Blood to Save A Sick Dog in Trouble

Ashton has been with TEARS Animal Rescue since August 2017 and he’s done a lot of good since he arrived. Ashton has given blood several times to help other dogs in need of lifesaving blood transfusions.

Recently, Ashton gave another donation of blood to save little Tosca who was suffering from severe Billiary and Ehrlichia under the care of Dr Patti Foster at Fish Hoek Vet. Thanks to Ashton’s donation, little Tosca has been saved and is recovering very well. Ashton’s donation was enough to save two dogs, so there is more blood being held in reserve!

Ashton is a good boy with a big heart! He is a serious hunk of note – athletic and good looking, he charms everyone with his beautiful Colgate smile and his ever wagging, stumpy tail!

This aspiring beach bum is locked and loaded with energy, and would make a fantastic addition to an active family were he can be involved in all of those fun activities – hiking, playing at the beach or going on road trips, he’s ready to go as long as you are! If you’re looking for a partner in all of life’s adventures, Ashton will be with you side by side.

☎️ 021 785 4482
???? SMS “Donate TEARS” to 42646 to donate R30 to the cause!