Adopt a #FromCagetoCapeTown Dog

Please help us give Gamora, Pietro Maximoff, Falcon, Shadow and Doctor Drax Walfram a loving home and a future in the pet-lovers capital of the world, Cape Town!

TEARS believes in the miracle of second chances

There’s no love like a dog’s love.

Which is why we said "YES" when FOUR PAWS invited us to partner with them in the "#FromCageToCapeTown" rescue and rehoming mission for five remaining dogs rescued from the dog meat trade in Cambodia in February 2021.

Together with 56 other dogs, Gamora, Pietro Maximoff, Falcon, Shadow and Doctor Drax Walfram were confiscated by the authorities in Siem Reap, Cambodia after FOUR PAWS worked tirelessly to secure a ban on the cruel trade in the Province.

Barely a year old at the time, they were starving, dehydrated and terrified. No one knew whether they could learn to trust humans ever again. But after months of care and rehabilitation, 31 dogs were rehomed locally (in Cambodia) while the others were rehomed in the US and Switzerland through FOUR PAWS offices. Despite being social and friendly, only these FABULOUS FIVE remain.

They deserve their happily ever after and a family and forever home to call their own.

To Apply to Adopt one of the FABULOUS FIVE please click here.


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