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Slider-7-300x170TEARS regularly hosts Learner Community Service workshops for children over the age of 13. The aim of the workshops is to help learners meet their Social Sciences Curriculum requirements in a way that is fun and educational, and gives real insight into the workings of an animal welfare organisation.

Learners get hands-on experience in the less glamorous aspects of caring for more than 150 dogs at any given time. This could involve washing bowls after feeding time, or hang out blankets and folding and packing them away, ready to be handed out by our kennel staff to brace against the winter chill.

Learners are also able to interact with the dogs in their kennels, and groom some of the individuals still on their journey of rehabilitation from lives of neglect, abuse or abandonment to loving homes.

A talk highlights about the basic freedoms all animals should enjoy, and steps that can be taken to change attitudes with the aim of creating societies that properly care for their animals. Learners are able to write about, or complete an art project, that illustrates their experience of a rescued animal or how to go about being part of the solution to the challenges facing animal welfare.

Through humane education we are able to be part of mobilising the next generation of animal carers; ultimately it is the only way that animal cruetly and neglect can diminish.

TEARS Learner Community Service workshops are filled with laughter, cuddles and loads of love – and they are also a sobering reality check about what our animals have gone through, and the plight of many animals in our surrounding areas.

Our next Learner Workshops are on the following days during the upcoming school holiday:

Tuesday 28 June

Thursday 30 June

Tuesday 5 July

Thursday 7 July

Tuesday 12 July

Thursday 14 July

To book a place at one of our workshops, please contact Thandi on or call 021 785 4482.