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It is a disputed phenomenon that many black or darker coloured animals in shelters suffer from an issue called Big Black Dog Syndrome. BBDS is believed to be when black dogs or darker coloured dogs, are passed over for adoption in favour of lighter-coloured animals.

There are many factors that are believed to contribute to this proposed phenomenon. Geographic location, fear or stigma against specific kinds of breeds. Often large black dogs are portrayed as menacing and aggressive in films and TV shows. While many superstitiously believe black cats are bad luck or symbolise satanism and witchcraft.

Of course, we know that black dogs and black cats are no different to any other gorgeous personality in search of a forever home. So we’re giving them a little help this #BlackFriday by drawing attention to these black beauties.

Below are our #BlackFriday featured profiles!

marley mischief1 jamie_2_info halle1 timothy tricia1

Avaprofile baby1 memphis