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By Annika Fisch

Thanks for taking the time to find out about a big goal I have.

annikaI am Annika, 19 years old and German. I’m volunteering for three months in South Africa – Cape Town to be specific – for a pro-life, registered non-profit organisation called TEARS Animal Rescue.  During my stay, I have had a glimpse into almost every part of this organisation.

TEARS is one of the country’s leading organisations in the areas of animal rescue, veterinary services, and the rehabilitation and rehoming of rescued domestic animals. They work hard to re-unite lost animals with their guardians, and carry out a wider programme of veterinary outreach and humane education in bordering communities located in the False Bay area of the southern Cape Peninsula, that promotes the responsibility and burden of care we have towards the animals that share our lives.

I chose to work at TEARS as a kind of “Volunteer-for-every-need”. I prepare the dog food, feed the dogs, walk, brush, wash and socialise them – I also help out in the surgical area. In my seventh week, I was entrusted to show people around, helping them to find the perfect dog they could provide with a forever home. What a privilege!

But to guarantee the best treatments and care possible for every single animal, I want to create a greater impact than just working at TEARS – and this is where my big goal comes in!

I quickly realised that TEARS uses every donation of money very wisely, having THE ANIMAL as a top priority. Everything they do implicates a great improvement in the animal’s life.

I absolutely love my work, because I get rewarded for every single action with the unconditional love of these wonderful dogs. Wagging tails and kisses included!

But – to think outside the box – I want to create a greater impact while I am here, to improve the dog’s lives long after I have left. I also want to promote TEARS as a great shelter and call attention to animal adoption.

I am very passionate about TEARS, the incredible work they do and the even more incredible impact they have on so many animals’ lives. Every member of staff at TEARS is living for their work, is living for the animals’ welfare, and I feel that is so admirable.

So I’m appealing to you to help me make a bigger impact on the dogs and cats that I’ll leave behind soon, by donating to the work of this truly wonderful shelter. You can go to my activist page to do this.

I’m unbelievably thankful for every little donation and I hope that you and I will create an #impact for animals.

I really believe in what I am doing, but I need your help! This is a long-term goal I have, so when I leave TEARS in a month, I can be sure to still be part of this amazing work.

Thank you very much!

Annika Fisch

Visit Annika’s page on to respond to her appeal.