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September is World Animal Remembrance Month. It is an opportunity to honour the memory of all animals that have passed on, whether they were much-loved family members or victims of abuse, cruelty and neglect, as well as those that vanished in natural disasters and service animals who gave their lives in the line of duty. It is a sad time, yes, but also a month to celebrate the animals who have shared our lives and brought a particular richness to our daily existence.

blog-dog-hugHere are some of the ways in which you could commemorate this important month:

  • Find pictures of your animal companions who have passed on and frame them, make a collage or create computer wallpaper. Keep these mementos where you can easily see them as special reminders.
  • Share memories of your pets with friends and family. You could write these memories or create a poem to honour their lives.
  • Talk about how your animal companions improved your life or made an impact on someone else’s life.
  • Think about the lessons your animals have taught you: unconditional love, loyalty, courage, intelligence, playfulness.
  • If a friend or family member has recently lost a pet, send them an empathy card or poem.

Another wonderful way to honour the lives of your animal companions is by supporting TEARS Animal Rescue in its mission to come to the aid of animals who are injured, sick or lost, homeless and in search of a loving adoptive home.

Wall of Remembrance

blog-human-animal-bond12During this month of remembrance, it is with deep pleasure that we launch the TEARS Wall of Remembrance at our headquarters, Rock Aloe Farm in Sunnydale in the southern Cape Peninsula.

The TEARS Wall of Remembrance has been designed to display beautifully crafted Perspex plaques that commemorate the precious souls who have passed through our lives, while the wall itself stands as a band of protection around the shelter dogs and cats in our care who still long for a home of their own and a person who will one day remember them.

A beautifully crafted plaque displaying your animal companion’s name and surname, dates of birth and death, as well as a commemorative sentence of your choosing, costs R290 which will help us to build the new perimeter wall.

A brick on our virtual website Wall of Remembrance, displaying your animal companion’s name and surname, dates of birth and death, as well as a photograph and poem or paragraph of your choosing, is R70 and will go towards helping dogs and cats in desperate need of food, medical care or rescuing and rehoming.

Reserve your personalised plaque here.

By keeping our animals safe, your best friend lives on.