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Econo-Heat warms TEARS’ hearts

Econo-Heat, a world leader in energy efficient heating appliances, has donated a number of obsolete padded blankets to TEARS Animal Rescue.

Claire Viljoen, Econo-Heat factory and supply chain manager, with the help of her mother, Jean Viljoen, and her niece, Amy, loaded up her car and brought armfuls of cosiness to our shelter.

The blankets are particularly welcome for TEARS’ puppies and kittens as the cooler weather sets in, and they’ve been an instant hit. From the welcome the blankets received, it would seem that if a puppy or kitten can’t have her mom around, a warm padded blanket is the next best thing.

TEARS sends a hearty thank you to Claire Viljoen and Econo-Heat from our grateful babies!

Econo Heat blanket donation


Econo Heat sleeptime01

Econo Heat playtime01

Econo Heat playtime02