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It is an understatement to say that the staff and animals of TEARS Animal Rescue are enormously grateful to Saveur Restaurant for feeding supporters and staff who attended the very first TEARS Sleepathon Autumn 2016 event on 1 and 2 April 2016. The sleepathon would have been a poorer event without their amazing food and service.

In just over two hours on Friday and Saturday nights, Saveur served around 200 meals. Not only are we staggered by their generosity in donating every one of these meals to the event, but we also heard only rave reviews about the quality and deliciousness of the food.

Apart from filling stomachs and satisfying taste buds, the meal allowed people to settle into the event, chat to staff and other sleepathoners as we ate and began to soak up the experience of what it feels like to be part of something much is bigger than ourselves.


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Diners visiting Saveur can expect a warm and friendly reception by professional and caring staff, European styled food prepared from fresh ingredients and presented with pride, as well as a relaxed atmosphere with views that take in the beauty of False Bay and the mountains surrounding historic Simon’s Town.