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TEARS staff, volunteers and supporters fulfil the TEARS’ mission in all weather and in every circumstance, be they fair or downright dangerous. We never, as far as we can possibly help it, pass or look away from a dog or cat (and sometimes a pig, rabbit or bird) that is suffering.

We deal with mange, disease, the traumatic results of beatings, chaining and cruelty; and at each rescue of every animals, there is an invisible presence that looks over the shoulder of our staff and volunteers. That presence is you, the generous donor who allows us to put petrol in our vehicles, pay for lifesaving medical equipment and supplies, comforting blankets, nets and carriers, and the kennel that will be safe haven for the next saved life.

Here are some of our donors who have worked with us recently to help us fulfil our mission recently:

Kirstenhof Primary

We would like to say a very big thank you to Kirstenhof Primary School for all the generous contributions made towards the TEARS Animal Christmas Tree Project. The response filled the KirstenHof Primary foyer with gifts. Just before Christmas, TEARS CEO, Keith Evans, arrived for the hand over with his recently adopted seven month old dog called Rosie. Dressed up in her Christmas gear, Rosie posed for photos and then decided to pick out her own present from under the tree. After much sniffing she decided on a Christmas cracker with something yummy inside.

A very big thank you to the generous staff and learners of Kirstenhof Primary who made the festive season a far more cheerful time for the dogs and cats at our shelter.

Rondebosch Boys Preparatory School

The learners of Rondebosch Boys Prep managed to raise R934.54 for us recently. I very big thank you to boys with big hearts.

Glen Traub

Daniela Herzsprung won the R10,000 Champagne magnum with the winning ticket number of 0244. This wonderfully glamorous raffle raised R37,070 at final count.

The bottle or rare Champagne was donated by Glen Trueb of The Barefoot Concept Store in the Cape Quarter, Somerset Road, Cape Town. Glen wanted to help in some way to save so many cats and dogs who quickly become exhausted and worn out, mentally and physically, from overbreeding although little more than kittens or puppies themselves. Glen’s humble response to the opportunities he has given TEARS to relieve this suffering, is, “It’s been a pleasure to help.”

The raffle also served to raise awareness of the work TEARS does to relieve animal suffering throughout the Western Cape.

Adele Searll 100 Club

The Adele Searll 100 Club was founded in 1979 by a group of women from Cape Town’s business and professional circles who were also known for their active interest in welfare and community projects. The club is totally self-supporting and non-profit making; its running costs provided solely from the income generated by their lunch meetings at which speakers offer their services gratis. Its members are committed and concerned citizens and their loyal support to the club over the years has allowed it to grow and establish the high credibility it now enjoys.

The donation of R2,478 made to TEARS by the club, will achieve the sterilisation, de-worming and flea treatment of 10 dogs in low-income areas. Thank you to Club Manager, Jenny Cadman, and the generous members of the Adele Searll 100 Club for helping us to prevent many hundreds of puppies and kittens being born into a life of suffering.

Steven Griffin

Steven donated the first three days of his leave to help TEARS out with various DIY projects at our Sunnydale headquarters. In the middle of a heatwave, Steven fixed kennels and painted. This is what is known as ‘sweat equity’. Thank you so much Steven for your generosity to the TEARS’ cause.

Veronika Weber

Veronika and her daughter started a small business a few months ago called Dawg-Gone-Delicious. They make delicious doggie treats. For every 5 tub of treats sold (a tub costs R15), they donate R15 to TEARS. They keep a tally of their sales and each month pass on to us the total donations for that month. Their Facebook page is It is always exciting when young people have a desire to make the world around them a better place – that takes courage and passion, and we applaud the Webers for their generosity to our TEARS’ cats and dogs.

Hannah Penn, Shelby le Roux, Emma Ellis and Nora Altwegg

Four girls of Rustenburg Girls High held a boot sale late last year to raise funds for TEARS. They began The Secret Society for Animals to challenge themselves to raise funds for animal welfare organisations that are on the frontline of the fight against animal abuse.

Hannah says, “We love animals, but we’ve seen lots of pictures of how badly they’re treated. We wanted to do something to help.”

TEARS applauds these wonderful girls for their hard work and for having the insight to become, at such a young age, part of the solution to animal welfare in South Africa. We were proud and humbled to receive the R547.10 they raised for the animals we serve. Well done girls!