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Kennel volunteers

Are you interested in making a difference for animals in need? The time and love you give to the animals in our care is highly valued by our staff who rely on our wonderful volunteers to help with the many aspects of day-to-day life at our shelter.


When you become a kennel volunteer, you’re giving the dogs and puppies what they need most: personal attention, hands-on care and love, whether in the form a walk, spending some quality time with a pooch in her enclosure or a bit of grooming.

dog-867238As a new volunteer you will attend an orientation workshop to learn about our kennel programme and the volunteer role and responsibilities.

You’ll get hands-on training during your first few shifts as a Level 1 Kennel Volunteer: assisting with animal husbandry and the enrichment programme, stuffing Kongs and other food-dispensing toys, cleaning, hand-feeding and helping with desensitisation. (Level 1 Kennel Volunteers essentially help to make the kennels a pleasant environment for our dogs.)

After a few shifts at Level 1, you would have the opportunity to sign up for the Level 2 workshop which means you’d be able to volunteer directly with the dogs: take them out for walks and outings, and train shelter dogs at the TEARS Animal Rescue Puppy or Dog School. You would also be able to assist in rehabilitation and behavioural modification programmes, animal-handling, socialising and doggie group play dates.

The age requirement is 18 years or older.

To get involved as a Kennel Volunteer, please contact us: 021 785 4482

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Cattery volunteers

kat-163341Cattery volunteers make a difference in the lives of felines by enriching their time at the shelter, through personal interaction, grooming, socialising and helping to place them in loving homes. As a cattery volunteer, you will be able to assist our cattery staff with husbandry duties and the day-to-day running of the cattery.

To get involved as a Kennel Volunteer, please contact us: 021 785 4482

Learner community service

As an organisation we understand and appreciate the need for, and value of, humane education so we offer our shelter for learner community service. In order to do this in a way that complies with our health and safety regulations, while also allowing learners to have a fulfilling community service experience, we have instituted the following guidelines Learner Community Service Policy.

We are also always in search of volunteers with some teaching experience to oversee our school holiday learner workshops.

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Adoption counsellors

adoption-counsellor (1)There’s only one thing better than seeing pets leave the shelter with their new families, and that’s helping to make it happen. If you enjoy working with people and would like to help secure loving homes for TEARS’ shelter dogs and cats, consider becoming a volunteer Adoption Counsellor. This means you will: meet potential adopters when they arrive at TEARS, and answer questions and help them to select a dog or cat who fits into their lifestyle. The age requirement for this role is 21 years or older. Training and guidance is provided.

To get involved as an Adoption Counsellor, please contact Luke:
021 785 4482

Charity shop volunteers

charity-shop (2)If you would like to help animals in need, but think that working directly with them won’t be your best move? Then you could help out in TEARS’ shops which provide as much as a third of our organisation’s income. Without a doubt, donations of saleable goods benefit the animals in our care. We are always in need of help to sort and price donated items, display and place them onto shelves, and help our shoppers.

To get involved as a Charity Shop Volunteer, please contact Greta: 073 057 1633

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by simply clicking HERE

Event volunteers

fundraising events held across cape townThere’s so much to do to successfully pull off a good event that we’re always in search of volunteers to either join our Volunteer PR Committee, or help out at a single event. TEARS events are aimed at creating awareness around our organisation and animal welfare issues, as well raising funds and finding loving homes for our cats and dogs. If you would like to help animals in this way, we would love to hear for you.

To get involved as an Events Volunteer, please contact us:  021 785 4482