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If corporates are feeling the pinch, you can only imagine what a struggle it is for animal shelters and welfare organisations to survive in the present economic environment. Without the continuous support of kind-hearted and generous individuals, groups and organisations that believe, as we do, that animals feel, fear and hurt just as we do, we would not be able to bring relief to distressed animals as we do.

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As it is, our staff, volunteers and supporters fulfil the TEARS’ mission in all weather and every circumstance, be they fair or downright dangerous. We never, as far as we can possibly help it, pass or look away from a dog or cat (and sometimes a pig, rabbit or bird) that is suffering. We deal with mange, disease, the traumatic results of beatings, chaining and cruelty; and at each rescue of every animals, there is an invisible presence that looks over the shoulder of our staff and volunteers. That presence is you, the generous donor who allows us to put petrol in our vehicles, pay for lifesaving medical equipment and supplies, comforting blankets, nets and carriers, and the kennel that will be safe haven for the next saved life.

Here are some of our donors who have worked with us recently to help us fulfil our mission in the past month:

International Women’s Club Cape Town
Following their visit in September, this group of wonderful ladies invited us to their year-end function at The Italian Club. Not only were we received with warmth and friendship, we were also given a generous donation to further our cause. We hope to continue our relationship with these talented, accomplished and kind-hearted women. Thank you to IWC 2015 President, Carole Armstrong-Hooper, and Claudia Scherer, IWC 2015 Chair of the Philanthropic Portfolio.

Old Mutual
More than a dozen Old Mutual employees spent a morning this month painting our main kennel block. A very big and colourful thank you to the group for giving us their sweat equity.

Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa
This group raised funds for the TEARS’ cause and handed over a cheque at their annual golf day on 19 November. Special thanks to Michael Morris for organizing this benefit to TEARS.

Rogz Pet Insurance
The festive season at TEARS got off to a fun start when the makers of all things pets sent us a shipment of Rogz toys. A tail-wagging paw-up to Salena of Rogz Pet Insurance for the toys and all the enjoyment they have brought to our dogs.

Sweet Valley Primary School
The Grade 3s of Sweet Valley Primary showed what generosity is all about when they handed over the money they’d collected for our TEARS dogs and cats – a whopping R11,593! And that wasn’t all, these mini fundraising maestros collected a mountain of food, tins, blankets, treats and toys. Way to go, Sweet Valley Primary Grade 3s – you’ve set many a tail wagging – well done!

Charles Glass Society
The members of the Charles Glass Society raised a beer or three to TEARS’ efforts to sterilise and provide primary medical care to less fortunate dogs and cats in the Far-South and beyond by donating to our cause. A wonderful society of caring individuals who just happen to enjoy their beer and good company! A special thank you to Dave Mitton for nominating TEARS as a charity recipient.

Anonymous donors
Our heartfelt thanks to the anonymous donors who, this month, have through their generous financial support, been with us at every rescue, every treatment and each new beginning.

Our work depends on your generous support. Please give what you can to help the animals.