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Yellow Ribbon Programme

The yellow ribbon symbolises the hope of a welcome home and forgiveness. Remember the hit song, Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree?

The story behind it is this:

Two men sat in a railroad coach. The younger of the two, obviously depressed, explained that he was a paroled convict returning from a distant prison. His imprisonment had brought shame to his family, and they had neither visited him nor written often. He hoped that this was because they were too poor to travel and too uneducated to write and that, despite the evidence, they had forgiven him.

He had written asking that they put up a signal for him when the train passed their farm. If his family had forgiven him, they were to put up a yellow ribbon in the big apple tree which stood near the tracks. If they didn’t want him to return, they were to do nothing, and he would remain on the train as it travelled onward.

The young man said, ‘In just five minutes the engineer will sound the whistle indicating our approach to the long bend which opens into the valley I know as home. Will you watch for the apple tree at the side of the track?’ His companion said he would. When the shrill sound of the train whistle came, the young man asked, ‘Can you see the tree? Is there a yellow ribbon?’

yellow_dog_project_dog_behaviorCame the reply, ‘I see the tree. I see not one yellow ribbon, but many. There is a yellow ribbon on every branch. Son, someone surely does love you.’

We ask you to please have a look at the profiles that display a yellow ribbon. Each ribbon indicates a dog that desperately needs a welcome home – those who have been waiting to go home for long time, others who are older or dogs who need a little extra softness and warmth.

Will you help us get our yellow ribbon dogs home?