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Are you looking for a dog with prior experience on his resume? Trevor is house-trained and great with kids he can interact and play with. He was adopted as a puppy, but sadly returned when the doggy-dynamics changed and things became a little heated… He’s a courageous, charismatic and enthusiastic boy who loves being the centre of attention, so would do best as a single furkid. Always excited to meet new folks, Trevor greets you with a happy wiggle and puppy-dog eyes. He has an bubbly zest for life and entertaining disposition and is a big fan of cuddles and back scratches and he gives the most adorable little kisses in return. He loves life and having fun, going for car rides, hogging the bed and hanging out with his people. Lovable, affectionate and keen to please, Trevor would be a devoted companion to a dog-savvy, Pitbull-orientated family. Could you be the family he’s longing to meet?