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If you’re looking for an easy-going, devoted and affectionate canine companion who will adore you, then you just have to meet Tazmin! This delightful older girl is as sweet as can be. Her soulful eyes, fringed with little grey lashes, endear her to everyone she meets and she gives the best cuddles – leaning in to snuggle up at every opportunity! Whilst low-maintenance and undemanding, this cutie pie would do best in a home where her people are around most of the time, she gets attached very quickly and wouldn’t want to miss out on a moment with you! Poor Tazmin ended up at TEARS Animal Rescue on Christmas Day from a nearby low-income community. She was dog-down with a severe case of biliary (a tick borne disease), but with the right combination of veterinary care and TLC, she is now as fit as a fiddle and ready to find a new home. Whilst she won’t be running any marathons soon, Tazmin loves nothing more than going for leisurely ambles and would be the perfect coffee shop companion – happy to curl up at your feet with a pupachino. She’d be a delightful best friend in exchange for a nice warm, soft bed to curl up on and a few sunny spots in the garden to watch the world go by. What are you waiting for? Come and show this all too deserving lovebug what second chances are all about!