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“Ahoy there matey! Captain Tango here, ready to steal your heart!” And this is one 1-eyed pirate that you’ll willingly hand over your heart to. Things weren’t smooth sailing for Tango before being rescued – he had to walk the plank, so to speak. Unwanted and surrendered to TEARS Animal Rescue after being knocked over by a car in nearby Masiphumelele, Tango had a severely damaged eye which had to be surgically removed. With a lucky ticket for a new life – and a shiny new eyepatch – Captain Tango has recovered well from his ordeal and is a gentle-natured and easygoing lad, with an endearing and devoted soul. He gets along well with other seadogs, but especially adores the company of people. This is one charmer who will do anything for a back scratch and belly run! Tango is a gem of a dog, who longs to be your treasure.