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Fun-loving, affectionate and energetic, sassy Syrah’s always ready to go! This gorgeous girl is the life of the party and takes great delight in making new friends at the dog park – she has a zest for life, and while she can be a bit of a handful, she’s full of enthusiasm and joy and just needs someone to share it all with! Syrah’s sociable and makes a beeline for her canine-friends – tail wagging all the way – although she likes to be in charge of her four-legged, furry stooges and for them to know she’s the queen bee. She enjoys flexing her intellectual muscles at doggie school and is a whizz at food-dispensing toys. A bit of a diamond in the rough, she longs for someone to teach her all about the finer things in life. If you’re looking for an entertaining, athletic pooch, look no further than Syrah!