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She could either be totally attentive or daydreaming. Who can tell by those ears? Smooch is a real cutie who is waiting to start a life of fun and adventure with you! She adores outings to the beach to frolic in the surf, going for mountain hikes and visiting the dog park. And boy, is she rightly named: cuddles, tickles and canine kisses are high on her priority list. Most of the time she’s bouncing around, wagging her tail and giving kisses. And she’ll lean in for hugs, too; she just loves affection! But she’s no pushover and can be a little aloof at first; you need to spend some time with her and win her over before you’re worthy of such endless love and devotion – and once she knows you, she loves you! This snuggly sweetheart would like nothing more than to audition for the part of your best buddy. Could you teach her what second chances are all about? Smooch is sure to wiggle, wag and leap straight into your heart.