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Rocco hasn’t had the best luck in life. Once a forgotten guard dog kept in confinement and less than ideal circumstances, he is learning how to be a real dog with the help of the staff, volunteers and fellow pooches at TEARS Animal Rescue. It takes him a little while to get comfortable around new people, but once he does, he will show his goofy, affectionate side and he lights up when he sees people he knows; his stubby little tail can’t wag fast enough! Rocco has a few OCD and food guarding tendencies, but with the right management and positive reinforcement, he’s slowly starting to overcome his old habits. He’s the perfect travel buddy – ever keen for a road trip to relax in the car and sit next to you for the journey! Rocco just needs someone to love him – someone with the time and patience to help him put his best paw forward and overcome his past experiences. He would love for you to be his favourite person – could you be the one to teach this handsome boy what second chances are all about?

Rocco is a candidate for our SNAP – Special Needs Adoption Programme as he has behavioral needs. Click the link to find out about all the benefits and assistance the programme has to offer for adopters and how we’re making sure that every dog has his day!