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Unconditional love is just a click away! Complete an online Adoption Questionnaire here and one of our Kennel Crew will be in touch to arrange the next step to get me home to you.


Do you want to help a rescue dog in a shelter, but cannot adopt? Why not consider sponsoring a pooch at TEARS Animal Rescue for a month while waiting for their forever family? Your R500 sponsorship will help cover the food, kenneling, monthly worming, flea and tick treatment and some creature comforts!

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If you’re looking for a dog with prior experience on her resume and a devoted canine companion who will adore you, look no further than Paris! She’s a charming, affectionate and sensitive girl, who has the most soulful, sensitive eyes. Her favourite pastimes are leisurely laying curled up in the sun, going for walks and resting her head in your lap, soaking up all the affection! She needs a home where her people are around most of the time; she just loves being in on all the action and doesn’t want to miss a moment with you! She outings to the beach to frolic in the surf, going for mountain hikes and visiting the dog park, and has grown up with other dogs, children and cats. Paris sorely misses the comforts of a loving home and her dreams are filled with wishes for love and belly rubs from a family of her very own. Could you be the one to put the sparkle back in her eyes and promise her forever? She longs to be man’s best friend and can’t wait to start a new life with you!