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Meet Nala! She’s an easy-going, loyal and active dog, with the softest, coal-coloured, velvet coat. Nala hitched a ride to TEARS Animal Rescue after being found as a lost soul wandering the streets of Redhill. Despite all efforts to find her family, she was sadly never claimed. Nala likes to be in on all the action and is a delightful blend of devoted soulmate and independent spirit, wrapped in sophisticated, regal finesse. True to her Shepherd heritage, she’s an intelligent, alert and watchful lass. She gets on well with other dogs and enjoys going for walks; on leash, she’s a peach – friendly to all who pass. Nala dreams of a rags to riches story, and she needs you to make her fairytale a reality! Could you be the one this brown-eyed girl has been waiting to meet?