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Meet Mowgli! This one-eyed wonder has had more than his fair share of misfortune… Abandoned as a teenage kitten and growing up on the streets, Mowgli learnt to live on his wits and always had his own back. When his eye was severely injured, he knew he had to make some human friends – and fast! Luckily for a Mowgli, TEARS Animal Rescue was nearby and he came every evening to make friends with our staff. An operation later, Mowgli was good as new and this coy boy soon flourished into quite the charmer once he knew you! While he is still a little shy around strangers, give this handsome chap some time and treats and he will soon be purring upon your lap, eager for the next snuggle! Mowgli is looking for a quieter, loving family and a home where he can show off his street cred. He’s used to living with feline-friendly dogs and other cats, and is all too deserving of a lucky break. Could you be his lucky charm?