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Milo didn’t have the greatest start in life before he was rescued with his mom and litter-mates from a hoarding situation in Klipheuwel. He can be shy and fearful with new people and we’re currently working on building trust with his caregivers and volunteers. Once he gets to know someone, he is super sweet and sensitive, transforming from a nervous soul to a playful goofball who will lean in for affection and attention. Milo gets along well with other dogs and relies on them for confidence, so he’s looking for a home with a doggy friend or two who can show him the ropes. Milo really wants to find a home, but his shyness sometimes gets in the way of showing humans just how much he likes them. He’s looking for an understanding, dog-savvy family who can continue helping him put his best paw forward. If you’d like a devoted furry companion while making a huge difference in a rescued dog’s life – Milo is waiting for you to call! He loves to go for car rides, and he would love even more to ride home with you!